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Partner always seems to have a new 'rule' you'...

Sometimes our partners confuse us, either by doing things we can’t believe they would do to us, or by us breaking some rule we had no idea they had. These invisible rules are part of any relationship and navigating these is one of the hardest things we need to do in a relationship. In this article The Dirt Psychology shows you how these rules come about and better yet, how we can figure them out (before they bite us in the ass).

One simple trick to never get mad again (kind of)

It’s never easy to control our tempers, or pick ourselves up when we’re down. Emotions seem like a complicated thing and sometimes out of our control. Well in this article, The Dirt Psychology gives you the skinny on what causes emotions and how you can take control of them!

The Four Types of Relationships

It can be hard to figure out why some of your ‘friends’ leave you drained and annoyed, while others leave you fulfilled and happy. It can be even harder to know who is taking advantage of you. Check out this article for your go-to guide on what kinds of relationship there are, which ones are bad and how to spot them.