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Approach anxiety: step one to shaking it off

The title says it. Suffer from approach anxiety? Don’t worry, we all do. Whether you’re trying to meet your next partner or network at an event, talking to strangers is hard yakka. In this article, we introduce you to the basic reasons behind that jittery feeling and give you a couple tools that’ll help you work up the courage next time.

What's an anxiety disorder and why should you care?

General anxiety disorder affects about 3 people in 20 every year. That’s a lot. Chances are you’re friends with someone who has it. Why though? What causes it? In this article, we go over the ins and outs of GAD in a simplistic way, so you can relate to people with this diagnosis and understand them better.

What everyone ought to know about Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t really that complicated when it comes down to it. Makes us ‘protect’ our loved ones. But from what? And can we control it? In this article, we talk about the specifics of jealousy, when it pops up and just how much control we really have.

What's the deal with cheaters?

In this article, I talk about what makes people more likely and less likely to cheat. Want to know the answer to ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’? Well, so do we, but we talk about that too. If you’re worried your partners messing around, this article will give you the low down on what kind of person is likely to do it and how you can stop it from happening.

What's the value of Friendship (hint: it's more im...

Friendship is something that is super important to people. In our movies and in books, it’s one of the major plot points. In our lives, it’s one of the major things we seek. In this article, I cover what makes friendships golden and how you can improve the quality of your own.