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You're lying to yourself (and it's a good thing)

Your brain has a secret plot to make you happier and more successful. To do that it’s lying to you. The problem is, everyone else has this too. In this article we talk about the ‘self-serving bias’, how it infiltrates every part of your life and what happens when it goes wrong.

People think you're a jerk (here's how to fix it)

When you do things, people tend to assume you’re doing it because of who you are. This is problematic any time you do something slightly rude. Accidentally bump into someone on the street and if it’s not obvious it’s an accident that person will assume you’re a jerk. Don’t say hi to a colleague because you’re in a rush (or didn’t actually see them properly) and they’ll assume you’re a jerk too. It’s science. It’s problematic. And this article tells you how to fix it.

The secret behind why so many people are jerks (and how to g...

It seems more and more that people are jerks for no particular reason. People bump into you without saying sorry. They won’t move over when you want to sit down on the bus. They cut you off in traffic or drive close behind you. In this article, we talk about why we have this persistent perception, how to get rid of it and consequently, how to have a happier and more enriching life.