The good life is a direction, not a destination…

Bet you’ve heard that one before. I also bet that direction eludes you amongst the endless torrent of useless clutter and noise. If only there were an easier way to find the path, right? Well, the psychologist Carl Rogers had an idea. He said: “the good life was the direction one chose when one achieved complete psychological freedom”.

the good life was the direction one chose when one achieved complete psychological freedom”

From the other side of the philosophical highway, the late Michael Ramsey suggested that wisdom is simply “the ability to cope”.

My guess is that in your intellectual travels, you’ve noticed psychological theories seem to have the answers to some of your questions, whatever your personal journey. You might even have had the vague insight that through understanding the mind, one might find wisdom.

But, for every articulate academic sharing their knowledge, there’s a whole slew of garbage. When the science isn’t hidden behind a bloody paywall or a hidden agenda, it’s too dense to understand without a dictionary and years of esoteric research. And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that it’s often obscured by misleading ‘conventional wisdom’ and the frankly inaccurate pseudo-science that has flooded the market in response to the high levels of demand. In short,

  1. Everyone has an opinion, whether they’re qualified to or not; and
  2. Trying to get to the real science is like extracting blood from a stone.

It’s a classic case of not seeing the forest for the trees. The horribly inaccurate trees. So let’s climb the trees to see the world. Let’s make the term ‘armchair psychologist’ a good thing again by turning scholarship into wisdom and sharing it with the people we care about.

And so, I welcome you to The Dirt Psychology, where we dig up the dirt on the most tested and trusted psychological theories to save you time on your journey toward the good life. If you

  • have questions about what makes other people tick;
  • can spend hours helping your friends or clients fix things in their lives (even if they never take your advice);
  • are searching for the wisdom that will help you understand yourself; and most importantly
  • don’t think that understanding psychology should be limited to University graduates or people with the time to dig through the trash heap of online content;

then you’re probably in the right place.

Become an armchair psychologist here at The Dirt Psychology and find the path to the good life on your personal intellectual journey.

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There are over 2000 of us

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